A Polished Presenter

A relaxed, easygoing style blended with the right amount of polished presentation. Greg's background in live TV, post produced lifestyle, magazine and variety programs means he'll compliment your web content without the need for personal endorsement. After all it's your product or service that should be taking centre stage. So whether you need a presenter, voiceover or both just head to the contact section and send in your details. If you're only at concept stage he can also assist with scriptwriting and producing to create a quality web presentation, mobile content or DVD. Recent works include:

  • Hyundai Australia - sales training intranet content
  • KTM Australia - 'Duke' experience
  • Powerlift Nissan – company introduction and product range
  • Kia Motors – 'Soul' Australian launch
  • Hyundai Australia – 'Genesis' tech features guide


As the National Product Trainer for Hyundai Motor Company Australia we needed a professional presenter and voiceover for a number of training videos to help our sales staff understand the advanced technologies of our model range.

Greg Rust was at the top of the list not just because of his positive TV persona but also his understanding of the motor industry and vehicles in general. He was a perfect fit for what we needed to come across on screen and in voiceover. He's a passionate car enthusiast with some very real street credentials.

Greg also did some voiceovers on video's shot by Hyundai Motor Company Korea using a narrator with an American accent. We found it didn't really suit the Australian demographic so Greg put his professional, articulate and clear Aussie tones to the training content which brought them to life.

He certainly connects with the audience both with his visual and voiceover deliveries.

Garry Jones | National Product Trainer | Hyundai Motor Company Australia